How does Search Engine works?

If you are new to digital marketing and wants to learn all its secret than this blog is the one you need to read till the end. Hi, my name is Harpreet Singh and I am working as a freelancer digital marketer from last 5 years and have helped many starts up, business and personalities to grow online.

To understand Digital Marketing one must understand how does search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing works. If you understand the working of a search engine your 50% of the basics will be clear and you can format an ultimate SEO strategy for any business. So, without further ado, let’s start understanding all the basics of a Search Engine and how does it works?

What is a search engine?

It will take me to write more blogs to explain search engine in detail but I will try it to make you understand in easy layman language.
A search engine is a website which indexed all the other websites on the internet or world-wide-web and keeps a directory of all the website that had been crawled or indexed by that search engine. If you like to read in detail click here –> SEO Expert Jalandhar

Let’s talk about it more by taking an example of Google:

Now Google is the largest and most popular search engine in the world. We are so found of google that if we want to search anything on the internet we don’t say search anymore we say ‘just google it’. If you see Google is a website with URL “” with a search bar only. Whenever a new website, blog, image, video, etc is uploaded on the internet(world-wide-web) Google index that website and make a directory of it in its server. So, next time when a user searches for a similar article via Google. It shows the results from its directory which in the end leads the user to correct article or website.

Now let’s talk about ” How does Search Engine Works in detail?”

The search engines google yahoo bing has developed a software program know as spider or bot. Google program is also known as Google Bot. The search engine hot or spider bot crawls on the world-wide-web and look for the new publicly available websites and fetch the information from them. By this way, the bot helps the search engines to organize the information which is publicly available on the world wide web.

The information which is crawled over the web is stored in the data center of search engine company which the help of a bot. This is a continuous process on www that is bot keep crawling the web for any changes in the existing website or new website. this info is used in the data center to produce search engine results on search pages. Search engine results basically work on respective search engine algorithms which are propertied technology used by the search engine company like google yahoo bing.

Process of Search Engine :

  1. Crawling
  2. Indexing
  3. Ranking


Bot crawls and fetches the pages on www is called crawling. 


when bot crawls over a page of a website it starts indexing according to the data which is available on the page, each page has unique data such metadata, title, content, etc. 


Based on Search Engine algorithm the results are produced on a search engine listing upon a user query.

This is how SE works bot crawls the website index the pages on data server of SE company which in return used to produce the results on SE pages. More often pages are stored as text, not video or images. So, it is also a very important fact to optimize the media content of your website as well.

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